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Beretta M9A4 (Suppressed)

As a habitual Glock shooter, the Beretta M9A4 is a comfortable and ergonomic gun with a straighter grip angle than it’s predecessors, feeling very similar to a 1911. Included in the box is a wrap around grip that gives you the older Beretta feel. It has an excellent stock trigger, using Beretta’s G spring. This brings the double action to about 9 pounds and 4 pounds for single. Safety does not remain engaged when actuated and instead acts only as a de-cocker.

Shooting suppressed, the gun performed very well with a variety of ammunition with the 1/2x28 Dead Air Ghost 45M, equipped with a piston and booster assembly. Unlike many other pistols, very little to no gas and debris was being thrown in my face with both 115gr, 124gr, and 150gr rounds. This in my experience has been the most pleasurable 9mm to shoot equipped with a suppressor. All of the ammunition fired functioned perfectly. If you are looking for a pistol suppressor host, this is an excellent option. The sites are not suppressor height and will be obstructed by most suppressors, however looking “through” the suppressor using the stock sights proved to be effective and not a bother.

Beretta M9A4 + Dead Air Ghost 45M

Fit & finish is excellent. It comes ready for an optic plate of your choice, which you need to contact Beretta for at no cost. Some drawbacks to the optic mounting system with this particular design is that it will sit higher than most other optic ready handguns due to the firing pin block that needs to protrude from the slide during use. When shooting suppressed, additionally the optic is more likely to become caked in carbon and fouling due to its close proximity to the breech.

Overall, an excellent pistol with a proven track record for reliability and durability. Recoil is minimal, and the entire cycling operation feels smooth. If you are already a Beretta fan, this is a must have in your collection, and if you are not, try it out, you will likely find yourself surprised like myself.

- Liberty Nexus / Assistant Janitor

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